Frauke Christiansen
Frauke Christiansen
Frauke Christiansen
Frauke Christiansen

Reinventing Organizations

Effective organizational Structures and behavioral Change Management as essential Success Factors

Constant Change. Same Questions.

  • We do not work together effectively and our structure has "somehow" evolved. How do we find an effective organization?
  • We are facing big changes - how can we take them along and guide them through these changes with us?
  • As a manager, I am burdened with more and more tasks and the demands are constantly growing. Who can I turn to for a confiding exchange?
  • There are constant conflicts and misunderstandings in our team – how can we have an effective dialogue and develop team spirit, especially when part of the team works from outside the office?
  • As the workload gets increasingly higher, resolving in people leaving, it gets more difficult to fill vacant positions. How can we improve employee retention?
  • Some of our managers are struggling in their leadership role – how can we support them and how can AI help with daily management tasks?

Corporate Change Management – My field of Expertise

I have been working as a management consultant and coach in corporate groups as well as medium sized companies for the last three decades. Together with my clients, I find the right answers and support them in the following topics of change:

  • Establishing organizational structures that enable everyone to work in an efficient, focused manner. Setting up structures and processes that motivate and lead to higher employee retention.
  • Coaching and "sparring" for managers to solve leadership issues, in order to help them develop their own understanding of leadership and cope with the numerous tasks and growing demands on leaders.
  • Successful and trusting teamwork through better communication, clear agreements on cooperation and understanding mutual expectations - regardless of where the team members sit.

My Services

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Corporate Level

Efficient structure and motivating culture

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Leadership Level:

Executive Coaching

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Team Level

Hybrid Team Effectiveness


Facts and figures that speak for me

30 years of professional experience

Successfully self-employed for the last 14 years

63 projects "on time, in budget

10 reorganizations with employee participation in the project

Projects in 24 countries worldwide

Many loyal clients who trust me again and again
100% recommendation


"Frauke supported the project team and me for more than two years in various projects, first in a post-merger integration with a focus on change management, later in a restructuring project with a subsequent profound reorganisation and cost cutting initiative. She has steered us through many, often unexpected challenges with her extensive knowledge and many years of experience. Frauke lives and delivers top management consulting: competent, trustworthy, reliable and with a sense of what kind of solutions are needed and feasible. Right from the start, she gave us the confidence that we would manage everything together, and that was very valuable for me and the team."

“Frauke advised my team and me for a year on a major change project. Together we successfully developed and introduced a sustainable process model for the main department. In accompanying the internal change process and the implementation of a new culture of leadership, her wealth of knowledge, her clear and open manner and tireless commitment were a really great asset for us. With the help of Frauke's competence and expertise, the department has developed into a proactive and sought-after sparring partner for the whole company. The valuable tips and recommendations have perfectly complemented my start in the new team. A big thank you!“

"Courses on the topics of organisation and process management remain grey theory if they are not complemented by aspects of change management. Frauke supported us in several modules of national and international courses at Bachelor and Master level. By its very nature, the topic of change is difficult to access for students because they have hardly experienced "the human factor" in a corporate environment. I am very grateful that Frauke, with her vast experience, lively lecturing style and methodological know-how, gave very practical and valuable lectures, for which she received very good evaluations from the students."

“I’ve worked with Frauke Christiansen for several years on a highly complex restructuring project. The successful completion of this project was largely due to the project management of which Frauke was responsible. I would particularly like to emphasise her structured way of working, her ability to summarise and present complex issues, but also her always prudent and humorous manner in challenging situations.”

Frauke Christiansen has supported Frankfurt School in a variety of projects including cooperation in the Executive Board, reorganisation and change processes of individual departments, and the development of our corporate values. She has also served as a management coach to myself and my team. I appreciate her precise analysis and detailed assessment of leadership challenges. She brings a valuable external perspective while simultaneously understanding the unique nuances of our organisational culture.

“Frauke joined my team and me on a Global Sales and Marketing transformation project. Her ability to dive with competence into details while keeping an eye at the big picture and her attention to people even more than processes helped to shape an engaged, lean and successful Global Sales Support organization.”

“Frauke Christiansen has been instrumental in helping us to achieve the integration of formerly distinct Capital Markets and Corporate Clients divisions of Commerzbank. Under the leadership of Frauke we conducted several workshops resulting in creating a vision and mission statement and, ultimately, a successful integration of the new leadership team.
Frauke‘s passion and determination helped us achieve that goal.”

“I can recommend Frauke to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable sparring partner. During our cooperation, I have seen her quickly gain trust at individual and team level and bring her creativity to workshop and training methods. She always thinks sustainably, is emphatic and an asset to any team in a structural and cultural change.”

“Frauke Christiansen showed a deep understanding of the challenges our company faced after the acquisition and during the integration. Her extensive expertise and commitment were critical to the success of our change initiatives. She worked closely with our leadership team to clearly define the goals and scope of the changes and to ensure that all stakeholders were well informed and engaged.
Frauke was an asset to our team and a key player in the successful integration. I highly recommend her as an expert in organisational development and change management.

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“Frauke has been working successfully with us for almost 20 years. Her analytical, goal-oriented approach, coupled with an excellent feel for the situation, has enabled us to successfully implement many consulting projects together for and with our clients. We appreciate her high reliability as well as our internal peer coaching and the insights gained in the process.
We are very much looking forward to working together on the next challenging projects.”