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New working world

Industry 4.0 and digitization will change several paradigms of our working world: working in hybrid teams with robots/cobots, new working formats like crowdworking, a severe cut in leadership positions and thus classic career paths, life-long learning becoming a must, working in and leading virtual, flexible teams, and effective communication skills as a key requisite for success. 

Say good-bye to the old world 1

Say good-bye to the old world 2

Industry 4.0

Team effectiveness / High performing teams

Constant change – driven by digitization and other trends – will make quick team building and performance a crucial success factor. Thus, teams and team leaders need to understand team dynamics and what can be done to not only form a team but make it perform quickly or even “high performing”. That often starts with establishing trust and reliability, followed by appreciating diversity, communicating openly and managing conflicts effectively – not to forget the more tangible elements like joint targets, clear strategy, and effective decision-making, to name a few.

Team Effectness / Elements HPT and how to illustrate them

Reinventing organizations

Organizational performance will be more and more dependent on the ability to quickly adapt and to reinvent, with “reinventing” in a double sense: improving the status quo but also incorporating constant review and adaptation as part of the organizational DNA. Organizations must be able to “morph” into most efficient structures to quickly implement their strategy, to collaborate across hierarchies and functions, and to quickly form new and effective teams.

Reinventing organizations Buergerdebatte ESA

Coaching / Conflict resolution

Communication patterns, cultural beliefs and individual perceptions often define the quality of relationships within an organization, thus: between people. Business Mediation as a defined process in conflict resolution helps to establish and maintain successful working relationships and is a proven method to resolve conflicts between two (or more parties) with the support of a neutral third.

On an individual level, the same patterns, basic beliefs and how one creates his own reality can impede personal growth. Reflection with a neutral, unbiased sparring partner and coach is a proven method to get out of a deadlock.

BusinessMediation Making both parties become winners

Coaching Wege durch den Dschungel

Mediation Interview ManagerMagazin Nov2011