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About Frauke

Frauke graduated with a Masters in Business Administration and launched her career in financial services. She became one of the youngest leaders as Head of Business Excellence for a large Swedish Bank before joining an international consulting company in 2002, becoming the first female associate partner in 2006. Further stages in management consulting culminated in the launch of her own advisory business in 2010.

To more than 20 years of business experience in industry and management consulting with clients ranging from large multi-national corporations to SME‘s and NGO‘s, Frauke has added further qualifications as a certified management coach and a business mediator.

Frauke‘s fields of expertise are organizational development, effective leadership, developing high performance teams and change management. Frauke is passionate about the „new working world“, how it will impact people and what it means to collaborate with robots/cobots in so called „hybrid teams“ in the era of Industry 4.0.

Frauke’s ambition is to enhance the courage and capability to change – on an organisational and individual level. Intense listening, clarification of needs and development of the desired target state are essential first steps at the assignment start – avoiding clients jumping on organizational hype simply because everyone else does. Frauke’s clients appreciate her analytical and structured, yet innovative approaches, paired with empathy and trust:  Frank and Clear – Formative and Creative – Fresh and Charismatic
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Whatever current trends about “agility”, “changeability”, “virtual teams” and “digital transformation” may trigger companies to do: Frauke first invites clients to take a step back, to analyze and understand what is really relevant, and then begin work on tangible solutions, integrating as many people as possible and thus releasing untapped potential on both individual and company levels therefore facilitating successful implementation.

Frauke passionately believes that consulting begins with sensing intent, knowing context and people, framing insights and exploring new concepts and targets – not with ready-made concepts.

In workshops and training, Frauke aims at utilizing innovative concepts that are not reliant on pinboards with colored cards… Formats like “Future Conference” for Vision, Mission or Strategy Development, “World Cafés” to review and design new organizational structures or group work in the format of a debating society or fishbowl exercises supported by e.g. video-clips, short TED talks or targeted gaming interventions have all proven to be much more meaningful and successful.

Coaching / Mediation

Sometimes, people and teams feel „stuck“ in a situation, often driven by ineffective communication, unresolved conflicts and lack of orientation, which - without the opportunity to reflect about their situation trustfully with a neutral party - causes paralysis.  Here, professional coaching can offer new perspectives.

Frauke’s early experience as a young leader being professionally coached gave the impulse to become a professional business coach herself, with three extensive training programs in the UK and Germany based on the co-active-coaching model accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her extensive experience as a manager and consultant helps in understanding the structural and cultural restraints managers face and the pressure that ambitious targets, tough competition and 24/7 availability can impose on people.

Communication patterns, cultural beliefs and individual perceptions also often define the quality of the relationships within an organization. Business Mediation as a defined process in conflict resolution helps to establish and maintain successful working relationships and is a proven method to resolve conflicts between two (or more parties) with the support of a neutral third. Frauke is a certified business mediator by the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce (IHK).

Both coaching and mediation services are offered in German or English.


Eloquent, vivid, humorous, yet structured and to the point: this is Frauke when speaking in public. A detailed briefing and a thorough preparation ensure that the speech exceeds the information and expectation of the audience. Example topics include:

  • New working world, collaborating with robots and the “Tamagotchi effect”
  • Organizational fitness and why agility is not the answer to everything
  • High Performing Teams in business
  • The power of good listening or: why the increased use of social media doesn’t improve our communication skills
  • How to lead (as) a millennial

Contact Frauke

Frauke Christiansen

Burgallee 15

D – 61231 Bad Nauheim

Mobile: +49 173 547 3268